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We are a team of landscape gardeners in Portsmouth with a secondary emphasis on cleaning, serving the wider South Coast. Grow Facility Services Ltd (Grow FS) was born out of a need to provide a higher standard of care for our client's internal and external spaces, keeping business facilities looking and feeling their very best year-round.

We aim to provide facility service solutions tailored to the needs of our clients and their customers, collaborating with them the whole way through while monitoring the wider social and market environment to see how things could be improved.





What facility services can our landscape gardeners and cleaners offer?

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Working with commercial clients to create visually appealing outdoor spaces that align with their brand image and enhance their professional environment. All round maintenance includes lawn care, pruning, weeding and seasonal planting.

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Our landscaping services help transform your outdoor commercial spaces into visually stunning and functional environments. This covers both soft landscaping such as planting flowers, shrubs and trees, and more substantial hardscaping such as patio and fencing installations to pathway construction.

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Our commercial tree surgery services include complete tree removal to crown thinning, reduction and lifting to maintain proper tree structure and promote healthy growth.


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Maintaining  clean, hygienic and presentable spaces for both employee wellbeing and your visitors experience. We offer a full-scope commercial cleaning service tailored to your business and facilities. Should a particular clean be outside our expertise, such as involving specialist/hazardous chemicals or biological agents, we will outsource this to a trusted partner.






Why should you choose our landscape gardeners in Portsmouth

 Our specialists are courteous

 We approach every task and project, no matter how big or small it may be, with the same professionalism and integrity. Whatever you seek us out for, you can be assured that you will receive the best possible quality customer service.

 Our specialists always go the extra mile

We  call a job ‘done' when we have explored ways we can exceed your expectations, whether that happens to be sharing some advice on how to best look after a particular shrub in your garden or general aftercare recommendations.

 Our specialists have an eye for details

In much the same way, we believe that there is always ‘something else' to be done for a client. If the weather prevents us from working to the best of our abilities in your garden, we will, for example, spend that time preparing for the next stage of the project, collating designs or undertake deep cleaning activities in your office or residential buildings.








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Our pledge to ethical gardening

Grow FS believes that beautiful outdoor spaces can bloom alongside responsible practices. That's why we're dedicated to ethical gardening, nurturing both vibrant landscapes and a healthy planet.

We accomplish this by:

  • Prioritising locally and nationally grown plants and responsibly-sourced materials
  • Embracing natural pest control and soil amendments, opting for organic options whenever possible
  • We compost garden waste and minimise plastic use whenever and however we can to minimise our environmental footprint
  • We primarily use battery powered or electric motors in our equipment to help reduce noise pollution, our carbon footprint and because we believe it is more socially responsible for us to do so.


By choosing Grow FS, you're not just investing in your gardens

 You're doing your part in bringing about a future where beauty and responsibility can flourish together





FAQs about our landscape gardening in Portsmouth

What are facility services?

Facility services is a term used to describe the supporting activities of an organisation or business, which are outsourced so they can focus on their core needle-moving activities. This can be split into hard and soft services, with the former referring to the physical structure of a building such as heating, ventilation, AC, mechanical & electrical systems and emergency control systems, while soft services pertains to more people-oriented and include cleaning, gardening, landscaping, catering and security.

Facilities services can encompass both simple tasks such as pruning hedges in front of a building or more involved tasks as the complete remodelling of an entire building floor.

How much do your services cost?

Grow FS’s fees depend on the agreed-upon scope of the work and prevailing market conditions, though we will of course always strive to make our services realistically competitive.

No matter the scope or scale of the work, we will always take great care to see a project through to a successful conclusion, on-time and on budget*

*except where the scope of work changes and the client agrees a budget review.

Can I change the scope of my work?

We outline the activities to be undertaken and the timelines to be met as part of our quotation process, but we always endeavour to ‘build in’ some flexibility to accommodate any changes that may be required or needed. This takes the form of ongoing progress discussions and meetings with our clients and customers.

Do you undertake all the work yourselves?

One of the key aims of Grow FS is to bring people, teams, knowledge and experience together, allowing us to deliver the best possible service in the industry. Our team of landscape gardeners in Portsmouth, work with a network of trusted specialists who can provide unique knowledge and skillsets. This both ensures a more complete service for our clients and customers and allows us to deliver what we believe is a first in class package.

Notwithstanding, our involvement is our endorsement, and as such we only work with independent businesses and tradespeople we know and trust.

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Where, geographically, can you cover?

As a team of commercial landscape gardeners in Portsmouth, at present we are able to cover most of the South Coast region in a 50-mile radius. This includes:

Portsmouth  |  Worthing  |  Southampton |  Bournemouth |  Poole  | Winchester  | Salisbury  | Andover  | Basingstoke |  Reading |  Brighton

If your business is located just outside of our coverage, please do contact us as we would be happy to discuss your requirements.






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