A freshly mowed lawn


Helping your space to blossom

First impressions matter, and a well-maintained exterior is a surefire way of enhancing the visual appeal of your office, rental property, home or facilities.

To that end, Grow FS provides a comprehensive range of ‘soft' gardening services to keep your grounds ordered and well-maintained. We bring both a wealth of practical experience and a bespoke customer-focused approach to the table, going the extra mile to understand the unique challenges and requirements of your facility and providing a tailored solution.

For seasonable and meticulous lawn care in Portsmouth and the South Coast, trust Grow FS.

Contact us to discuss our eco-friendly gardening solutions at  enquiries@growfs.co.uk






Our commercial gardening services include:

 Lawn care and mowing


 Planting, watering, fertilising and pruning

 Pest and disease management

 General groundskeeping/maintenance






In the interest of flexibility, the above are available for both one-off projects, in the event you have recently acquired a property with an overgrown exterior, or as part of a regularly-scheduled maintenance plan to maintain a high-quality exterior year-round.

As part of our eco-friendly pledge, Grow FS aim to care for our local wildlife and avoid the use of harsh pesticides and herbicides whenever possible.