A path in a garden

Soft Landscaping in Portsmouth

Elevating curb appeal and attracting success

What you do with your property or facility's outdoor spaces is often just as important as what you do with the interior.

As a commercial facilities services company, Grow FS works with a skilled team of landscape gardeners in Portsmouth and the surrounding area to offer flexible landscaping solutions. From enhancing curb appeal with carefully selected and tended flower beds to creating morale-boosting communal outdoor spaces, our services are designed to make the most out of your outdoor areas.


Let's work together to transform your outdoors

Schedule a consultation for our bespoke landscaping solutions via our contact form or email us at   enquiries@growfs.co.uk






Our landscaping services include:

 Creating appealing landscapes by selecting and planting flowers, shrubs and other vegetation

 Installing fencing, decking and patios to create outdoor dining, socialising or communal  areas.

 Constructing paths and walkways using various mediums.

 Laying turf, topsoil or mulch.

 Comprehensive redesign or remodelling to transform an outdoor space into something new.







Our network of trusted partners throughout the landscaping and facility services industry means that few projects are outside of our scope. We only work with designers, builders and gardeners whose ethics and values align with our own to ensure the best possible service for our clients.

As part of our endeavour to be the most ecologically friendly landscape gardeners in Portsmouth, we aim to find greener or more sustainable alternatives whenever possible. This includes prioritising the use of real turf instead of artificial lawns, working with battery-operated machinery instead of petrol or diesel.