A tree surgeon cutting down a tree


Tree Surgeon in Portsmouth

Cultivating beauty without compromising on safety

Tree surgery is crucial for both maintaining the aesthetic appeal of tree on your facility grounds and the safety of your tenants or employees.

Overgrown trees aren't just unsightly but can pose a risk to both people and property. Our comprehensive tree surgery services involve assessing and addressing potential risks such as weak branches, leaning trees or foot issues and tailoring our approach accordingly, resulting in trees that are healthier and safer to be around.

Invest in your trees and facility's future in GrowFS.

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Our commercial tree surgery includes:

 Pruning and trimming to improve the shape, structure and health of a tree.

 Tree removal in the event a tree is dead or proving to be a hazard, potentially followed with stump removal.

 Crown thinning for a balanced density of foliage and improved light passage.

 Strategic limb removal to prevent potential damage to property or people.

 Tree pruning in the event a tree is overgrown or top heavy.







Grow FS considers safety to be non-negotiable and as such we strive to adhere to all statutory health & safety standards daily, from correct use of PPE to safe working practices and ensuring our client sites are safe environments for their employees, visitors, and our teams to work and enjoy.

Our tree surgery services are adaptable and designed to fit your needs, budget and vision, in accordance with our tiered package offerings. Bronze level includes light tree pruning, high hedge trimming and general horticulture; our Silver package includes bronze level tree surgery and also entails remedial work such as crown reductions or limb removal with the addition of planting, soft landscaping and exterior design while a  Gold level tree surgery package ranges from removing a large diseased tree or several trees as part of a full-scale remodelling to correcting tree damage as a result of storm weather or the provision of emergency arborist work.